When Two World’s Collide

I have never been one for hanging on to the past; nostalgia is just not my cup of tea. I do, however, always enjoy myself when I happen to wander into a second-hand or vintage store. Or when I actually stop by to have look at a garage or yard sale. There is something magical about seeing an object and being instantly transported to a specific time from your childhood or youth. If the item in question goes back even further then it becomes a question of what it must have been like in that era before your time.

For me this commonly happens when I come across print adds for various household items or popular magazines dating back to the 1930’s and continuing up through the 1970’s. The style in which men and women are dressed, the situations that they are place into and the copy that accompanies these adds are priceless.

When the two worlds collide, something old and racing, I become especially excited. Nothing, and I mean nothing gets my attention like older footage of race cars at full chatter. The sound, the way the driver is exposed, his hands working the gear leaver, the semi-exposed engine and gearbox…just magnificent. This little clip came to me via the 914 Porsche website, and some fine work by an editor with a computer. Here is the link.

Ferrari Shell Commercial

I hope you enjoy it. -jp-

One Comment on “When Two World’s Collide

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