Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’m generally not one to fixate on numbers, but the recent form of McLaren and Vettel‘s commanding race win this past Sunday at the Singapore GP has got me thinking, and I am not sure I like it. Ferrari has a problem. Let me explain the problem like this: If Vettel wins out and Fernando finishes third in the remaining races,  [editor’s note: by ‘win out’, my writer means the driver wins… Read More

The working title of this post was to be, Lewis Hamilton silences the critics (including yours truly), Sergio Perez gets a second chance (at the guy in the red car), and Alonso lucked out. It was going to be just a simple recap, but the last part got me thinking. And so the birth of a real post ensued. I often use a quote from David Hobbs: “In racing, I’d rather be… Read More

Now that some much-needed time has passed and I have cooled down some, I will expound in more detail about the first lap incident, make that first TURN incident, at Spa Francorchamps during the Belgian Grand Prix. “Disappointment” does not begin to describe what I felt shortly after Roman Grosjean took out Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and our championship points leader Fernando Alonso, who I just happen to have quite an affinity… Read More

Is there anything really to say at this point? Instead let’s do it this way: And that is what I have to say about that.  –jp and I am definitely out…