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I know what you must be thinking, “How insensitive can this guy, this American be?”  I can assure you that I am not being insensitive, (I never write anything that could ever be interpreted as such) and I will attempt to explain my reason for such a bold statement, and besides I used up most of my insensitivity for Rubens, Heidfeld and Trulli in an earlier post.  -ha ha- Before I make… Read More

All right it is not really my style to blog after a race just to give a re-cap or get all excited about the winner. I generally like to wait until something gets my carbon fiber all in splinters before I go to the keyboard. However, since I was so vocal in calling Ferrari out I feel that it is only fair to give them the credit they deserve. Well done Maranello! (Editor’s… Read More

Although blogging is a relatively new hobby of mine, I have been watching Formula One for many years.  During the time Michael and Mika where going at it tong and hammer beginning in 1998 right after Jacque Villenueve won the championship for Williams, I have been either at my place of residence or at someone else’s inviting my friends, girlfriends, my parents, co-workers, people I meet on the street, basically anyone that is… Read More

Four races complete, flyaways done and the beginning of the European leg of the 2012 season is upon us. In six days time we will be in Barcelona, a track that typically will tell a team whether they have an all-around good car or an all-around bad car. This is because the types of corners and turns that the teams will find on most of the other tracks they will visit throughout… Read More