Monthly Archives: August 2012

With the Belgian F1 race imminent this weekend, I’m of a mind to tell you about my trip to Spa Francorchamps, which happened during my honeymoon in 2009. Now I know what you all are saying out loud at this very moment, which is, “What a cold callous insensitive bastard! What newlywed husband takes his wife to a sporting event on their honeymoon?” And you would be absolutely right to say that,… Read More

I just watched the GP of Germany for a third time and I can’t help but be reminded of the close racing between Michael and Mika back in 98/99. Aerodynamics have always been important, but this was before the absolute dependence that we now see in Formula One on downforce and the complex solutions that engineers have developed that get bolted on the car almost every other weekend. I’m not an engineer… Read More

I usually blog when I feel I have an angle to work, or some sort of insight that I feel is a benefit to my readers, all seven of them, or because I just get so riled up that I need to say something. This race however does not provide me with any of the usual reasons to post. But I’m going to anyway. I suppose I could spend some time on… Read More