Best F1 Sites

Autosport –  A premiere motor sports website covering everything if it has anything to do with racing.

BBC F1 – This F1 website is so comprehensive you will find yourself willingly spending too much reading anything they have to offer concerning Formula 1. The comments section is always a great way to gauge what the overall feeling of the F1 fan base is thinking about a particular issue, race result, driver, or team.

Sky Sports F1 – The commentator line up here is fantastic. Martin Brundle, Anthony Davidson, Ted Kravits, Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert just to name a few. I watch Sky’s coverage of the FP1 and FP3 here in the States due to the fact NBC does not carry it. These guys know how to break it all down. The website is just as insightful.

James Allen on F1 – As the British (who love F1) would say, James Allen is a top Bloke. Reporter and journalist Allen has been around the sport many years and knows it inside and out. This is by far and away one of, if not the best, F1 blog that I know of.  If I was a teacher this would be mandatory reading to pass my course.

Formula1blog –  An F1 website devoted to opinion. The content here is fresh and compelling. It is not just reporting for the sake of reporting. Intelligent points of view, interesting perspectives and a sense of civility in the context of many different opinions. A must for any F1 fan new and veteran alike. Plus, they let me write for them.

Peter Windsor – Can’t say enough about Mr. Windsor as a commentator, a journalist, a blogger, a historian. Having worked in F1 for several years both in front of and behind the scenes for the likes of Williams and Ferrari, what he brings to all of us via his blog is invaluable.

Joe Saward – Another journalist who curates his own blog. If there is anything you were wondering about the business side of F1, where the money is coming from and going to, Saward is your man.

ESPN F1 – Solid coverage of F1 which includes the usual news concerning the team, drivers, and politics. This site has two additional features under the header Featured Driver and Featured Race which adds a bit a fun to  the reading.

Grand Prix 247 – Not really a journalistic driven F1 site, but this one will provide you with a quick if not in-depth overview of the day’s events in F1.

Planet F1  – A well put together F1 website. Similar to Grand Prix 247 the news is more along the lines of a general review rather than an in-depth discovery of the events of F1.

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