This post might be slightly late, but then again I’m not a journalist and therefore not bound by a deadline, one of the luxuries of being a blogger, I suppose. I have had a few weeks to reflect on the season which ended and of course like most of the F1 social media world wanted to add a thought or two (and no, it won’t be about F.A.). My decision at the… Read More

Then, tomorrow was another day The morning found us miles away With still a million things to say Now, when twilight dims the skies above  Recalling thrills of our love There’s one thing I’m certain of Return, I will, to old Brazil I rarely start a post with a quote and when I do it signals a different kind of post, one that is off the beaten path of my usual fare. In… Read More

I, John-Pierre Rivera, am about to embark on a one-man mission. I don’t know why it took this long for me to figure it out. To see the light, to finally fulfill the true mission of this blog. I am perfectly clear on what needs to be done. There’s a prelude to every journey and maybe I just needed a bit of time to figure it out. To find my voice, set… Read More

One of my goals when I started this blog was to address and interpret Formula 1 as an American, perhaps even broaden the tiny American fan base just a little. If I am truthful about the matter, I feel more like a European most of the time just for the simple fact that I even like Formula 1 to begin with. However, this does not stop me from always being on the… Read More

I have for the most part stayed out of the Kimi Raikkonen to Red Bull conversations, predictions, and general musings. However, quietly inside I was hoping that come the end of summer break the news would indeed be that Raikkonen had signed for the team from Milton Keynes. However, this is not to be. Monday morning I read this headline; Confirmed: Raikkonen will not join Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull in 2014…. Read More

I have never been one for hanging on to the past; nostalgia is just not my cup of tea. I do, however, always enjoy myself when I happen to wander into a second-hand or vintage store. Or when I actually stop by to have look at a garage or yard sale. There is something magical about seeing an object and being instantly transported to a specific time from your childhood or youth. If… Read More

While Sebastian Vettel was streaking away into the distance with a commanding lead in the Canadian Grand Prix, another race was taking place on the same track. A race that was more exciting to watch and much more interesting, a race with a plot, a subplot, and lots of history. It was a classic showdown between two drivers, both world champions, both with legions of fans that will argue which one is… Read More

It was these three drivers on the podium at the end of the Canadian Grand Prix. Yes, Vettel was the one on the top step but really all three of them won in one way or the other. A race that was forecast to be run with rainy conditions in fact ended up sunny and dry. A perfect day to go motor racing, and on this day the top three finishers showed… Read More

Now that the everyone has thrown in their two cents, five cents and in the case of experts, pundits and crazy bloggers like my self, our 50 cents, about pirelli, the tires and everything else in the wake of the the last race (at least for now) I thought I would say a few words about Fernando Alonso. Before the tires took the conversation hostage post Spain, this was supposed to be… Read More

Well here we are day four, not counting Black Sunday, and although the F1 world has settled down a bit there are still articles, blogs and comments to be read and considered. I have made my thoughts pretty clear in the two posts I put up earlier in the week. I could go provide further insight that supports my point of view but instead I want to draw your attention to some… Read More