Monthly Archives: July 2011

 I am going to get right to the point today.  I am sick and tired of reading that “the fans” are sick and tired of all the technical aspects and rule changes that are too difficult to understand.  I am tired of hearing “this is hurting the sport” or “this is not what Formula One needs right now.”  Nothing, in my humble blogger opinion could be further from the truth. QUESTION: Why… Read More

Seriously…this is the kind of stuff that drives the fan base absolutely bonkers.  “Charlie,” really,  “a separate rule for two of the top three teams”?  Are you freakin’ kidding?  And F1/FIA wonders why the fans have such little respect for the organization as a whole.  I mean, we love it and are so wrapped up in it and all of its many machinations, but we are not too under its love spell… Read More

It really was never a question of “if” only a question of “when.”  I am referring of course to this blog, or rather the starting of this blog.  So before i actually begin sounding off on F1 and opening myself up to countless people taking me to task I want to make of couple of points. One. If you are looking for 100% accuracy in all things that concern F1, this probably… Read More