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I know what you are all thinking. How the hell has JP not put anything up yet? To be perfectly honest I have not watched the race yet, although I feel fairly confident who finished on the top step. Or at the very least who claimed his fourth driver’s title. If by chance I happen to be incorrect, well it would be one of the few times I welcome being in the… Read More

The other day I ran across an article titled “Di Resta Not Sure Of Future With Force India Amid Recent Poor Results.” My first thought was, that couldn’t be right, the poor results are not Di Resta’s fault! Then I thought, isn’t Paul ahead in the points vs. his teammate Adrian Sutil? So I checked and sure enough, he has collected ten more points season-to-date than Sutil. The aforementioned article does not… Read More

I wanted to publish this post under the title, Sebastian actually does some racing, Roman shows he can start, Felipe rebels and the latest RB conspiracy, but that seemed too long and too obvious and a week or so later after the fact not very exciting. I can’t really add anything new and I was not in too much of a hurry immediately after the race to hit the keyboard. A combination… Read More

Hello Hello Hello…. The Japanese GP is in the books, Vettel won (what a shocker) although it was not that straight forward, Grosjean drove a great race to beat his teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa got to rebel a little… It’s monday and there is plenty to blog about and of course I will be working on at least two maybe three posts for your entertainment. Lol.. Here is what is… Read More

Hey Everyone Qualifying is complete and I thought I might throw up a little post. Nothing too serious, no ranting, no crazy hypothesis, just a few thoughts about Saturday in Suzuka. Vettel did not get his forty-third pole at a track that he has virtually own since joining Red Bull. Well that is the way it goes sometimes. Vettel’s car developed a KERS issue (he had a major KERS rebuild in FP3,… Read More

I was not going to post anything after the conclusion of the Korean GP. What’s the point? It was pretty clear the way the championship was going after Singapore and after Korea it is all but confirmed. I suppose I could deliver one of my rants against Vettel and Red Bull or better yet against Ferrari, not just for ruining my summer, but my November which is when my birthday occurs and… Read More

That is what if felt like after watching Qualifying. Another way to put it would be anti-climactic. Better yet here is a comment from one of my followers, Doug Armstrong and his feelings about qualifying. I don’t think I could have said it any better : After watching qualifying a great battle it was not! Vettel set the pole time early on and instead of showing their hand for the race he… Read More

I normally never post in this fashion, so when I say this will be short and sweet I really mean it, not my usual 2,000 word post, which by the way I really appreciate you all taking the time to read week in and week out. I just wanted to point out how impressive Mercedes AMG and Lewis Hamilton are being so far this weekend. In light of the disappointing results in… Read More

Ron Howard‘s new movie Rush, which chronicles the dramatic 1976 duel between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, opened in limited release mid-September and this past weekend throughout the U.S. This movie has provided me the opportunity for a lot of thought and discussion about the success of Formula 1 here in the States and why Americans have been reluctant to embrace this form of racing. Although this is an independent film, Ron… Read More