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One of my goals when I started this blog was to address and interpret Formula 1 as an American, perhaps even broaden the tiny American fan base just a little. If I am truthful about the matter, I feel more like a European most of the time just for the simple fact that I even like Formula 1 to begin with. However, this does not stop me from always being on the… Read More

We all had a pretty good idea that Sebastian Vettel would be on pole today. There was maybe a challenge from Lewis Hamilton, and Roman Grosjean, and a serious effort from Nico Rosberg, even Mark Webber showed he still cared about formula 1 for a split second. However the wunderkid did it again. Vettel, it is safe to say crushed the competition today under the lights while qualifying for the Singapore GP…. Read More

I characterized the arrival of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari next year as good news for Kimi, the team and especially their star driver Fernando Alonso. The same cannot be said for those that will be competing against them. If Raikkonen to Ferrari is a win-win for everyone at Ferrari, then it is equally a lose-lose for everyone else not at Ferrari. If, and I know it is a big if, Ferrari cast… Read More

Ask anyone if they actually thought Kimi Raikkonen would have made his way back to the Scuderia, the one that is located in Maranello, and I am quite confident that they would have said “No way, Jose”. Not one pundit, expert or for that matter hardcore fan could have seen this one coming. Myself, I also could have not imagined such an outcome in regards to where Raikkonen was going to end… Read More

Where Did The Speed Channel Go? I just tried to watch my usual Saturday morning racing minus F1 of course that won’t happen until later this month at the Singapore GP. Where I live in Los Angeles Speed is viewed on channel 468, I think, I never really pay attention to the number, I just look for the call letters on the guide. This morning I must have spent 20 minutes scrolling… Read More

We are now two races into the second half of the season. Monza was this past weekend and as the title of this post suggests, I don’t think anyone who is not wearing a white jacket with funny sleeves that can be tied together in the back will disagree. The 2013 Formula 1 Drivers Championship is all but a formality now. What started as a year of such promise and excitement has… Read More

Hello everyone I’m back. I wish this post was being written not under duress, but the joy of a brilliant qualifying session seeing Ferrari and Fernando on the second row in P2. Sadly that is not the case. This will be less a post but more of a rant. This is the luxury I have as a blogger and not a journalist. This post won’t even undergo the several re-reads and the… Read More