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From GrandPrix 247 It was cold and wet at Jerez on the final day of Formula 1 testing, with little respite except towards the end when a dry-ish line emerged and as a result times tumbled, with Felipe Massa ending fastest of all in the Williams. Massa ended just short of a second up on former teammate Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari. Massa’s best time of 1:28.229 on the penultimate lap of his… Read More

From GrandPrix 247 McLaren rookie Kevin Magnussen got his Formula 1 career to the best start possible when he topped the timing sheets at the end of the third day of testing at Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain on Thursday, where once again, the Mercedes powered teams prospered while the Renault brigade suffered. Magnussen’s best time of 1:23.276 was almost a second faster than the top time set 24 hours… Read More

If my report on the scarlet car from the northern part of Italy was a little tongue-in-cheek, this one covering the silver, green and black car will be more straightforward. Maybe it is the color combination of the Mercedes that evokes a feeling of measured calm. Colors not associated with passion, but instead with precision, accuracy, and machine works (at least the silver and black are anyway). Maybe it is just that… Read More

From GranPrix 247 After missing out on doing any running on the first day of Formula 1 testing at Jerez, Jenson Button topped the timing sheets in the Mercedes MP4-29 at the end of the second day of testing in Spain, where Mercedes engine power appears to have the edge over their rivals. Collectively all four Mercedes powered teams amassed 212 laps on the day at a theoretical average of 53 laps… Read More

From GranPrix 247 Kimi Raikkonen, in his first day back in a Ferrari, ended day one at Jerez fastest of all in the F14T in a day when the sport’s new turbo era finally dawned, but also where the state of readiness of Formula 1 was brought into question. Raikkonen powered around the former grand prix track in a time of 1:27.04 in the V6 turbo charged Ferrari, which was nearly ten… Read More

From ESPN F1 Bernie Ecclestone could pay to settle bribery charges against him and avoid a prison sentence of up to 10 years, according to a report in the Mail on Sunday. The newspaper quotes Ecclestone’s lawyer, Sven Thomas, as saying once the trial begins, a deal could be done with prosecutors. “I don’t think that we can achieve a settlement before the trial starts. During trials settlements are always possible but not before.” This… Read More

V8 engines, exit stage left. Cue Sgt. Pepper melody: “May I introduce to you, the act you’ve known for all these years…”, yet brand new in Twenty-Fourteeeen, 1600ceeceeeee,15,000 rpmmmms, TURBO-charged 90 degreeeeeee, V6 power plaaaaaaaant!! At First Glance First things first, it’s red, no real surprise there. Ha ha. Ferrari has chosen to refer to its newest offspring as the F14-T. The reasons would seem obvious enough. This name was chosen with… Read More

Ka-Blam-O! If anyone has watched former driver David Hobbs commentating for the Speed Channel in the past years, or for the NBC Sports Network now, you will recognize this term. I’m not so sure it is in the F1 lexicon, but don’t tell Mr. Hobbs that because it is his favorite word to use when describing to the viewer that a driver’s engine just let go. Not that all of the white… Read More

From Autosport McLaren became the first Formula 1 team to fully unveil a 2014 car as it launched the MP4-29 online on Friday. While Force India and Williams had already given hints of their new designs with computer-generated images, McLaren’s event marked the first proper look a 2014 F1 design. It featured the anticipated take on the controversial nose design that teams have leaned to under the new regulations, with a narrow… Read More

From Autosport Force India has become the first team to reveal its 2014 Formula 1 car by releasing an image of the Mercedes-engined VJM07. The new car features the low nose mandated by the regulations, as well as the new tailpipe at the rear as part of measures designed to prevent exhaust-blown downforce. The image does not reveal any dramatic design innovations, but it will not be until the car first appears… Read More