Monthly Archives: July 2012

Something strange happened this weekend and I am not quite sure what to make of it. After I watched the Grand Prix of Germany, I expected to see the usual interview that takes place in some lame room where all three drivers field softball questions from James Allen (who it must be said I admire and feel is a great asset to the fans of F1) or some other pundit. Instead, a… Read More

(The time warp reference in the title might have been slightly influenced by the fact that I just started watching the original Star Trek series from the very first episode back in 1966.) Someone just sent me a great animated clip of the evolution of a Formula One car. It may have already done the rounds on the Internet, however it is just so cool and so indicative of how the F1… Read More

What really is there to say? Correction, I have been saying it all year, shucks, I have been saying it for the last eight years or so ever since Fernando held off Schumacher for the last five laps of the GP of San Marino back in 2005, that Fernando Alonso is like no other, driving at the highest level. And this year he is really putting it all together as the saying… Read More

So Mark Webber becomes the second repeat winner of the 2012 F1 season, and if Fernando couldn’t get the win, then I am super happy that it is Webbo. I have liked MW from the first day I really noticed him back in 2003, when he was racing for Jaguar. Prior to that he raced a season for Paul Stoddart’s little team Minardi alongside one Fernando Alonso. MW is a breath of… Read More