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#10 – Super Cool Cars. Listen, I looooove American classic cars. ’32 Ford, ’50 Merc, ’55 Chevy coupe, most of the muscle cars from the late 60’s and early 70’s, are you kidding me? Awesome.  V-8 power, nothing like it. A gear-head is a gear-head (unless you live in England, then you’re a petrol-head). But there is no denying that the ultra-modern technology built into an F1 car is compelling. True, they… Read More

Normally I never post in this manner, but that qualifying session, only the second of the season was so exciting, that I had to put my hands on the key board. Here are the results, and let me be the first to admit I was on the edge of my seat. At one point it looked like Sebastian Vettel was doomed (he is a 3-time drivers champion, did I really think that,… Read More

There are many things that the prognosticators were wrong about this past weekend. “Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull will run away with the Australian GP.” Nope, the best they could do was THIRD. “Ferrari and Fernando can’t race at the sharp end of the grid.” Yet there they were, ON THE SECOND STEP. (Another inspired drive by the BEST driver on the grid.) “Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t want it enough to win.” WRONG… Read More

Quick Note: I wrote this post almost a year ago. It is one the most read posts on I don’t know if it is because as more and more fans discover the pay as you go feature, “search it” and finds my post or instead when anyone decides to just do a plain search for Autosport my post comes up. Whatever the reason I was prompted to revise what I said… Read More

Just the facts this time around people. I have elected to not post the times from the the first two days of this final (and all important) test due the the fact that they were both rain affected. So here is the final numbers before we head off to Melborne in two weeks time. More analysis to follow, and by that I mean my usual smart-alecky self, with a little analysis thrown… Read More