From GrandPrix 247 Ex-Ferrari driver Felipe Massa has tipped his former teammate Fernando Alonso to dominate Kimi Raikkonen at the great Italian team in 2014. Maranello marque Ferrari replaced the long-serving Brazilian with Finn Raikkonen, its 2007 world champion, over the winter, with Massa having to move to the once-great British team Williams. Ferrari justified the move on the basis that Massa couldn’t support teammate Fernando Alonso’s title-charging points hauls on a… Read More

Quite Note: I wrote a two-part series addressing this very point. If you are interested here are the links: Well Well Well, Kimi Is Going To Ferrari Part 1 Well Well Well, Kimi Is Going To Ferrari Part 2 From GrandPrix 247 It will be Kimi Raikkonen, not the Ferrari incumbent Fernando Alonso, who will get the first on-track experience of the team’s 2014 challenger, as the Maranello outfit begins life with… Read More

Quick Note: For all of you thinking I will take the easy way out and post less of my 2500+ word rants and raves and substitute instead this new feature, well don’t worry. There will still be a post or two a week form yours truly about all of the things that get me fired up about F1 Ha ha.  -jp- From ESPNF1 Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says Fernando Alonso was… Read More

Quick Note:  Hey everyone I will be trying out a few new things on the site to see I like them and if I want to incorporate them in permanently for next year. This is only a test. My idea is to grab one news item a day, repost it (I will not be changing the copy) and then respond to it under the heading “My Take”   If you feel so… Read More

I characterized the arrival of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari next year as good news for Kimi, the team and especially their star driver Fernando Alonso. The same cannot be said for those that will be competing against them. If Raikkonen to Ferrari is a win-win for everyone at Ferrari, then it is equally a lose-lose for everyone else not at Ferrari. If, and I know it is a big if, Ferrari cast… Read More

We are now two races into the second half of the season. Monza was this past weekend and as the title of this post suggests, I don’t think anyone who is not wearing a white jacket with funny sleeves that can be tied together in the back will disagree. The 2013 Formula 1 Drivers Championship is all but a formality now. What started as a year of such promise and excitement has… Read More

Hello everyone I’m back. I wish this post was being written not under duress, but the joy of a brilliant qualifying session seeing Ferrari and Fernando on the second row in P2. Sadly that is not the case. This will be less a post but more of a rant. This is the luxury I have as a blogger and not a journalist. This post won’t even undergo the several re-reads and the… Read More

I have never been one for hanging on to the past; nostalgia is just not my cup of tea. I do, however, always enjoy myself when I happen to wander into a second-hand or vintage store. Or when I actually stop by to have look at a garage or yard sale. There is something magical about seeing an object and being instantly transported to a specific time from your childhood or youth. If… Read More

I recently wrote a post titled “Ferrari You’re Ruining My Summer.” It was slightly tongue and cheek which more times than not is my approach to F1 (at the end of the day it is just cars going around in circles really). In it I stated that the GP of Hungary was due in nineteen days and it was time for the boys in red to show up with a transformed car…. Read More

OK, maybe that is little harsh, my summer is going just fine. I live in sunny Los Angeles and work in the entertainment industry.  I am currently on vacation from the three TV shows I work on. It is perfect weather; there are plenty of backyard parties and catching up with friends, life is great quite frankly. Despite all that, I am in a slight panic from what I have seen in… Read More