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Just when I think that I have heard it all in Formula One, from all of its interesting players, (I am being nice for once, but let’s see how long that lasts), out comes a headline that really makes me take pause. This time, it is courtesy of Sebastian Vettel and although I can forgive him for throwing his driving gloves into the fence in disgust right after his car retired while… Read More

“European Grand Prix 2012: Lewis Hamilton fury after he is run off the road in Valencia as Fernando Alonso wins“. This is the headline that appeared in the Telegraph, a London newspaper, the day after the last race. OK, where to begin? Well stating the obvious it was a crash that did not need to take place. I am going to state for the record that I feel both Maldonado and Hamilton… Read More

What is there really to say? I could talk about how lucky Fernando is, how he makes his own luck, or how a safety car played into his hands, this time not induced by a teammate on the verge of getting sacked, or a team principal that was concerned with sponsorship, or a head of engineering that had lost his way. I could talk about how weird it is to see not… Read More

As I have stated man’y times I only blog when I can add something meaningful to the conversation. True, making wisecracks is not that meaningful, but I do try to insert something of substance between the jokes and one-liners on occasion. I find myself here at the keyboard fighting the urge to type out a bunch of lines just so I can add my two cents (American currency for all of those… Read More