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Some of you might be wondering why JP has not posted a single item about the race this weekend in Spa. That’s because he’s outta here, made like a banana and split, later alligator, left behind this taco stand, at least for the week, anyway. Apparently writing this blog is more stressful than I realize! A vacation was called for and the boys were all going camping so the twins and I… Read More

I have for the most part stayed out of the Kimi Raikkonen to Red Bull conversations, predictions, and general musings. However, quietly inside I was hoping that come the end of summer break the news would indeed be that Raikkonen had signed for the team from Milton Keynes. However, this is not to be. Monday morning I read this headline; Confirmed: Raikkonen will not join Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull in 2014…. Read More

Please note I wrote this post about a year ago — yet sadly it is still extremely relevant since Massa is STILL HERE! Recently there is some serious talk about his replacement, at least I hope its serious! -JP- I know what you must be thinking, “How insensitive can this guy, this American be?”  I can assure you that I am not being insensitive, (I never write anything that could ever be… Read More

Something important is happening behind-the-scenes during the mid-season break in F1 and I’m not talking about silly season or decadent driver’s holidays. Although it must seem to the average person that F1 teams have abundant and possibly excessive cash to spend, in fact they’re all part of large corporations so at some point the bean counters are involved. Just like the department at the company where you work, there is a budget… Read More

I have never been one for hanging on to the past; nostalgia is just not my cup of tea. I do, however, always enjoy myself when I happen to wander into a second-hand or vintage store. Or when I actually stop by to have look at a garage or yard sale. There is something magical about seeing an object and being instantly transported to a specific time from your childhood or youth. If… Read More

I recently wrote a post titled “Ferrari You’re Ruining My Summer.” It was slightly tongue and cheek which more times than not is my approach to F1 (at the end of the day it is just cars going around in circles really). In it I stated that the GP of Hungary was due in nineteen days and it was time for the boys in red to show up with a transformed car…. Read More

I know that might be a taking this most recent win by Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel a little too far. Sebastian Vettel is probably going to win the championship this year. However, lets look at that word “probably.” Here is what Merriam and Webster has to say about it: Prob-a-bly adverb 1. insofar as seems reasonably true, factual, or to be expected, 2. without much doubt. Hmm. “without much… Read More