Monthly Archives: February 2013

Well it is now time for the last driver (that is already contracted to a team) to familiarize himself with his 2013 machinery. Of course I could only be referring to a one Fernando Alonso. Ferrari and Alonso have come painfully close to the ultimate prize in two of the last three years, which makes this (before the regs change to a v-6 turbo formula for 2014) year the last that we… Read More

Every once in awhile it occurs to me that a steady diet of my biased, silly, sometimes cruel, every once in a while self-deprecating F1 rants might get tiresome so instead I like to bring the attention of my readers, all 20 of you, to some real blogging. I go to the BBC website’s F1 section at a minimum of once per day. I’ve recently been obsessing on an article by Gary… Read More

Well not really, but whatever. It has been some time since I have put my hands on the keyboard to blog. I think it was in September when things started to go south and no one wants to listen to a cranky blogger. The problem is that this blogger is so invested in his team and driver, not only the highs but also the lows are incredibly intense. Winning feels f–ng great,… Read More