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It is Tuesday, three days after Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and two days after his initial surgery. Here is an update on Michael’s condition. A second operation was necessary which is never a good thing, and confirms how critical and on the edge he is in regards to his status. However, his condition has improved ever so slightly and that can only be looked upon as a positive development. Stay tuned I… Read More

Monday the 30th and I am sorry to report Formula One Sports Icon and hero to many people around the world Michael Schumacher, is in critical condition after undergoing an emergency surgery due to a head injury. The details are few. However what I can report is while skiing with his son in the French Alps, Schumacher fell and his head made contact with a rock. It has been reported he was… Read More

Quite Note: I wrote a two-part series addressing this very point. If you are interested here are the links: Well Well Well, Kimi Is Going To Ferrari Part 1 Well Well Well, Kimi Is Going To Ferrari Part 2 From GrandPrix 247 It will be Kimi Raikkonen, not the Ferrari incumbent Fernando Alonso, who will get the first on-track experience of the team’s 2014 challenger, as the Maranello outfit begins life with… Read More

Quick Note: I wrote a post about teammates and inter-team rivalries, number one and two drivers within a team. Whether you are at McLaren which has no driver status or Ferrari which clearly does, inevitably these numbers are always assigned to each driver, by either the media, the fans or the team itself. Lewis was defacto #1 at McLaren. From GrandPrix 247 Jenson Button has admitted that Lewis Hamilton is the fastest… Read More

Quick Note: For all of you thinking I will take the easy way out and post less of my 2500+ word rants and raves and substitute instead this new feature, well don’t worry. There will still be a post or two a week form yours truly about all of the things that get me fired up about F1 Ha ha.  -jp- From ESPNF1 Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says Fernando Alonso was… Read More

Quick Note: I wanted to post about this when the news broke about Ross Brawn being replaced by Paddy Lowe, However I never got around to it, life is just a little more than me and my keyboard and my silly opinions. Instead it looks like I will be saving this post for sometime in May/June of 2014.     -jp-  From GrandPrix 247 Departing Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, working his… Read More

Quick Note:  Hey everyone I will be trying out a few new things on the site to see I like them and if I want to incorporate them in permanently for next year. This is only a test. My idea is to grab one news item a day, repost it (I will not be changing the copy) and then respond to it under the heading “My Take”   If you feel so… Read More

Whenever I watch the Oscars (it is Oscar nomination time of year here in the United States) I always wonder what it must be like for the recipient of the cherished award to stand at the mic and commence with their acceptance speech. The first thought is always who to thank and can you get to them all in the ridiculously short amount of time allotted. (Luckily there is no time limit… Read More

This post might be slightly late, but then again I’m not a journalist and therefore not bound by a deadline, one of the luxuries of being a blogger, I suppose. I have had a few weeks to reflect on the season which ended and of course like most of the F1 social media world wanted to add a thought or two (and no, it won’t be about F.A.). My decision at the… Read More

Then, tomorrow was another day The morning found us miles away With still a million things to say Now, when twilight dims the skies above  Recalling thrills of our love There’s one thing I’m certain of Return, I will, to old Brazil I rarely start a post with a quote and when I do it signals a different kind of post, one that is off the beaten path of my usual fare. In… Read More