Monthly Archives: November 2011

I just finished watching the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi and I have to say it put quite a smile on my face. This of course is very different from the expression that I was wearing at the end of this race one year ago. Remember, I like red car, big eyebrows. Here’s a quick re-cap: Vettel on poll, lights go out, Vettel already several car lengths ahead by turn one, Vettel… Read More

I’m compelled to write about the Hamilton/Massa incident this past Sunday at the Indian Grand Prix. First of all, I don’t think that either driver should have been handed a penalty. I think, and apparently Mark Webber agrees, that there are too many penalties in F1. The best racing is hard racing. Not to be confused with unfair racing. We all know the difference between the two. But the combination of fast… Read More