I Always Did Like History Class

I recently signed up to follow Peter Windsor’s blog. I can’t tell you why it took so long. Maybe because every morning when I get up I go the 20 or so web and blog sites and his is one of them. Anyway I finally signed up and now receive an email when Mr. Windsor logs a post. I just finished reading his most recent effort. This one in particular goes by the title “The win that Clark tried to share” and appears to be part of a series that he is doing. Jim Clark’s 1963 Season.

I can’t recommend it enough. For fans, especially fans like myself that were not old enough to enjoy the earlier beginnings of F1 (my dad would consider this the golden age of this particular formula), it is a great way to re-live this golden era.

From the read, one gets a sense of just how racing was and how far it has evolved into the juggernaut that it is today. I recognize most of the drivers names and the teams from when i was a little kid so nothing really to report there. However it is the smaller details that Mr. Windsor goes into that really make the post come alive. Very easy to paint the picture in one’s mind. I have a link to Peter Windsor’s site here or you can click on the title above.

One last note, history is, it would seem to be, is also a specialty of Joe Saward as well, who’s site is linked from this blog to. He sometimes has such obscure and completely off the map posts about a driver or a team, a particular car that raced in the great race of so and so, you get the picture, that I find myself re-reading his post several times and then have my own history lesson with Wikipedia…      -jp-

7 Comments on “I Always Did Like History Class

  1. Grew up in that era and I agree with your dad. At age 12 (1963) I was fully involved in F-1 racing, slot cars that is and I had two Jimmy Clark cars neither of which were very competitive. Must have been the driver…LOL!

  2. If you can find them, get a copy of Graham Hill’s book “Life at the Limit” and Jack Brabham’s book “When the Flag Drops”. I bought those two books many years ago and they’re both the most enjoyable reads I’ve ever experienced. The “good ‘ol days” indeed…

  3. P.S. thanks for the credit. (Using my name in vain)…… 🙂

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