Now that the everyone has thrown in their two cents, five cents and in the case of experts, pundits and crazy bloggers like my self, our 50 cents, about pirelli, the tires and everything else in the wake of the the last race (at least for now) I thought I would say a few words about Fernando Alonso. Before the tires took the conversation hostage post Spain, this was supposed to be… Read More

Well here we are day four, not counting Black Sunday, and although the F1 world has settled down a bit there are still articles, blogs and comments to be read and considered. I have made my thoughts pretty clear in the two posts I put up earlier in the week. I could go provide further insight that supports my point of view but instead I want to draw your attention to some… Read More

Well by now I have read so much about this whole Pirelli, Red Bull tire affair that I feel a little dizzy. From the blogs, news services, team sites and everything in between you would think this blogger is burned out. Problem is I am not. It is often said that in Formula One everything in addition to the cars are moving at an incredible speed. Blink and you might miss something…. Read More

This was supposed to be a post about how Fernando Alonso and Ferrari bounced back from Bahrain. I had a really snappy title for it, which was: Mercedes Fades, Vettel Loses His Wings, And Alonso Rewrites History… How through bold strategy, a perfectly timed pit stop call, and a car that seems to have the pace in all situations, they delivered an inspired result. How Fernando executed a drive that was nothing less… Read More

Well, well, well, it looks like there is a new kid in town when it comes to one lap pace. Mercedes AMG has now made it three for three courtesy of Nico Rosberg in the last two races and Lewis Hamilton’s pole back in China. I was not the only one surprised by this, the footage of the top 3 qualifiers, Rosberg, Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel shows Vettel in a state that… Read More