“But it’s disappointing when you see a driver like Paul di Resta getting booted out of F1 when you know that others are in because they’re bringing cash.” As stated by a Martin Brundle while on stage during Autosport’s 2014 International show. He finishes the thought up with this: “That’s the bit I’m getting uncomfortable with.” As the title of my post suggests I am not quite in agreement with the one… Read More

The other day I ran across an article titled “Di Resta Not Sure Of Future With Force India Amid Recent Poor Results.” My first thought was, that couldn’t be right, the poor results are not Di Resta’s fault! Then I thought, isn’t Paul ahead in the points vs. his teammate Adrian Sutil? So I checked and sure enough, he has collected ten more points season-to-date than Sutil. The aforementioned article does not… Read More