It is a familiar scene; it happens with regularity. I’m sure Michael is not the first nor will he be the last. The irony is so obvious it seems silly to even explain it. That being said I must explain it. I must state the obvious no matter how silly or in this case, tragic, it is. A Navy Seal comes home after four tours of duty in the Middle East only… Read More

Friday and it would appear Michael’s condition has not changed significantly. Although this might indicate there is no improvement I would like to refer to his press agent Sabine Kehm when she previously stated: “The good news for today is [that] there’s no significant changes,” as said on the first day of 2014. With this in mind we should all focus on the positive signs the medical experts have outlined in these… Read More

We are now several days into the coverage of Michael’s Schumacher’s skiing accident and the subsequent treatment for his head injury. As of today his condition is stable. From what I can interpret from the most recent news stories this is a “good”sign. Schumacher is by no means out of danger as of yet and no one is predicting what and to what degree the long term damage will be, if any…. Read More

It is Tuesday, three days after Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and two days after his initial surgery. Here is an update on Michael’s condition. A second operation was necessary which is never a good thing, and confirms how critical and on the edge he is in regards to his status. However, his condition has improved ever so slightly and that can only be looked upon as a positive development. Stay tuned I… Read More

Monday the 30th and I am sorry to report Formula One Sports Icon and hero to many people around the world Michael Schumacher, is in critical condition after undergoing an emergency surgery due to a head injury. The details are few. However what I can report is while skiing with his son in the French Alps, Schumacher fell and his head made contact with a rock. It has been reported he was… Read More

I recently wrote a post titled “Ferrari You’re Ruining My Summer.” It was slightly tongue and cheek which more times than not is my approach to F1 (at the end of the day it is just cars going around in circles really). In it I stated that the GP of Hungary was due in nineteen days and it was time for the boys in red to show up with a transformed car…. Read More