Today the BBC ran a piece titled Red Bull boss on Pirelli tyres: ‘F1- nothing to do with racing any more‘ and although the boss of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz stops short of calling the racing faked, or false he comes pretty darn close. It seems pretty disingenuous to come out and say that Formula One is not racing anymore right after your clock was cleaned by the competition. Where was all… Read More

This was supposed to be a post about how Fernando Alonso and Ferrari bounced back from Bahrain. I had a really snappy title for it, which was: Mercedes Fades, Vettel Loses His Wings, And Alonso Rewrites History… How through bold strategy, a perfectly timed pit stop call, and a car that seems to have the pace in all situations, they delivered an inspired result. How Fernando executed a drive that was nothing less… Read More

I know that makes no sense, there were cars on the track, at the end we had a winner and two runner-ups. So yes, in that respect a race was held at the Grand Prix of Bahrain. But was that the race we all wanted to see? I have a hypothesis: what we wanted to see was the RB9 and F138 go head to head with Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso mano a… Read More

I have said this many a time, I will never just blog, that is not my intent nor does it make for anything interesting. So I normally stay away from recapping a race. I am however going to say a few words (yeah right, when has that ever happened) about the Grand Prix of Bahrain that I think are worth mentioning. As impressive as Alonso was last weekend, Vettel was equally sensational… Read More

Well not to but to fine a point on it but that qualifying session delivered the goods. It had a little of everything. Some fast laps, a penalty, a tire issue (again). an aborted lap, and a nice surprise. I’ll be the first one to say it, “Not to sure anyone was betting on Mercedes or for that matter Nico Rosberg sticking his car on the pole, given how the weekend has… Read More

“Do you like the old-style F1 or the new tyre-dominated F1 best?” Raikkonen: “Makes no difference. This is what we have and you’d better like it or do something else.” I got this wonderfully deadpan delivered Kimi-ism from Andrew Benson’s twitter feed after the race, which at least gave me a smile as I sadly realized that “the tires” were going to sabotage any conversation about the great drives from Fernando, Raikkonen… Read More

Well that was very interesting. Don’t think I have ever seen such little qualifying for a gp. I suppose we all know the reason for the lack of track action (not even the back markers wanted to go out in the beginning of Q1). The impression that one gets is the option tire that Pirelli brought which is the soft tire with the yellow band around the outside is not as durable… Read More

This could be the shortest post so far of my short blogging career or maybe not. I could easily sum it up by saying Ferrari WTF, why gamble this early in the season? And be done with this post and move on. However, the impassioned, crazy F1 fanatic with an opinion on everything just can’t let it go. Guess you’re going to get the long version. Why am I so irate you… Read More

Normally I never post in this manner, but that qualifying session, only the second of the season was so exciting, that I had to put my hands on the key board. Here are the results, and let me be the first to admit I was on the edge of my seat. At one point it looked like Sebastian Vettel was doomed (he is a 3-time drivers champion, did I really think that,… Read More

Just the facts this time around people. I have elected to not post the times from the the first two days of this final (and all important) test due the the fact that they were both rain affected. So here is the final numbers before we head off to Melborne in two weeks time. More analysis to follow, and by that I mean my usual smart-alecky self, with a little analysis thrown… Read More