I just read an article on YallaF1, Stewards Told To Be Lenient For 2013 Season. As the title states, it is about the stewards taking a more lenient view on race incidents and driver’s behavior this year. There is one line in particular that is really telling. “You can feel that the drivers have more confidence. Rarely have we seen as many die-hard, wheel-to-wheel battles as we saw in Bahrain.” The article… Read More

This could be the shortest post so far of my short blogging career or maybe not. I could easily sum it up by saying Ferrari WTF, why gamble this early in the season? And be done with this post and move on. However, the impassioned, crazy F1 fanatic with an opinion on everything just can’t let it go. Guess you’re going to get the long version. Why am I so irate you… Read More