You wouldn’t necessarily know it from reading this blog, but there is more to Formula One than just Fernando Alonso (whose skill set I shamelessly blog about), Sebastian Vettel (who I have immense respect for, but shamelessly give a hard time to), Ferrari, Red Bull and the supporting cast of Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, and of course Kimi Raikkonen. You can’t really argue with focusing on these protagonists since two… Read More

OK, maybe that is little harsh, my summer is going just fine. I live in sunny Los Angeles and work in the entertainment industry.  I am currently on vacation from the three TV shows I work on. It is perfect weather; there are plenty of backyard parties and catching up with friends, life is great quite frankly. Despite all that, I am in a slight panic from what I have seen in… Read More

As the title implies these were the top three finishers when the checkered flag came out at the end of racing on Sunday. With perfect weather in the 2013 running of the British GP, you could not have asked for a more action packed, drama filled race. Where to begin? All season long the Pirelli tires have been the story and for this meeting on the Formula 1 calendar the tires once… Read More

While Sebastian Vettel was streaking away into the distance with a commanding lead in the Canadian Grand Prix, another race was taking place on the same track. A race that was more exciting to watch and much more interesting, a race with a plot, a subplot, and lots of history. It was a classic showdown between two drivers, both world champions, both with legions of fans that will argue which one is… Read More

I really wanted the title of this post to be the above photo caption, but that just seemed too long. Now lets dive into what will undoubtedly be a hot topic again in the wake of the Canadian GP: Mercedes, Pirelli and the “private” test. This was bound to happen at the first good result by Mercedes and that it has happened at the following Grand Prix after the news broke in… Read More

Well maybe that is a little misleading. It is really just one American (speaking only of drivers) and his name is Alexander Rossi. He is from Auburn, California and is 22 years old. This year he is in the role of reserve driver in the service of the Caterham F1 Team. This usually means that you don’t do much on race weekend (more than likely I am incorrect about this fact, but… Read More

This post is not really for the benefit of my readers, all 17 of you, although please by all means give it a whirl. It’s more like therapy for this blogger than a regular post aimed to benefit the general F1 public. The Monaco GP was exciting, action packed and provided some drama concerning Pirelli (what a shocker) and produced the fourth driver to win a GP this 2013 season. Sadly Fernando… Read More

Well here we are day four, not counting Black Sunday, and although the F1 world has settled down a bit there are still articles, blogs and comments to be read and considered. I have made my thoughts pretty clear in the two posts I put up earlier in the week. I could go provide further insight that supports my point of view but instead I want to draw your attention to some… Read More

I just read an article on YallaF1, Stewards Told To Be Lenient For 2013 Season. As the title states, it is about the stewards taking a more lenient view on race incidents and driver’s behavior this year. There is one line in particular that is really telling. “You can feel that the drivers have more confidence. Rarely have we seen as many die-hard, wheel-to-wheel battles as we saw in Bahrain.” The article… Read More