Prodromou May Snub McLaren And Remain With Red Bull – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

From GrandPrix 247

Peter Prodromou may not, after all, defect from Red Bull to McLaren as has been widely reported.

McLaren is said to have signed Red Bull’s highly-rated aerodynamics chief late last year, but the reigning World Champions then insisted that Prodromou’s full contract be honoured, which would see Prodroumou remain at Milton Keynes until the end of 2014.

Now, the German-language Speed Week reports that Red Bull has used that time wisely in trying to convince the Briton to stay put.

“The story is circulating that Prodromou has changed his mind and now wants to stay with Red Bull,” the report said.

Prodromou, however, signed a binding contract with McLaren last October. A legal battle may ensue unless the great Woking team is prepared to accept a financial settlement. (GMM)


This was the personnel change and real coup that caught my attention prior to the removal of Martin Whitmarsh and the re-helming of Ron Dennis at McLaren. Oddly enough not that much was made of this particular departure from Red Bull in the news or at any of the blogs I commonly frequent. Then again it is not as though we are talking about Adrien Newey’s right-hand man when it comes to the black art of air flow now is it? Oh but he is and how could this not be considered one of the most important team personnel changes in the off-season?

When the news broke I thought to myself, “How the hell did McLaren manage such a master stroke?” Partly because I really wanted the headline to read “Ferrari Coup D’Etat Number Two Aero Man From Red Bull On The Way To Marranello,” and partly because I can’t see why anyone [Prodromou] would want to leave a team [Red Bull] right in the middle of such success. Well, we shall never know and equally we shall never know what has precipitated the aero man’s change of heart. More money on offer? A better position? Or is he being forced to stay contractually ?

James Allen has said on occasion that F1 is war, and up and down the pit wall you are either giving the pain or getting it. Here is a perfect case of the kind of warfare that we fans don’t ever get to see. The warfare behind closed doors fought by F1’s generals that preside over the troops, similar to the Pattons, the Montgomerys, the Rommels. In this case, the Markos, the Dennises and Montezmolos are all engaged in a grand and intense chess game.

Its looks as if General Marko has just moved General Dennis’s king into checkmate mate…


4 Comments on “Prodromou May Snub McLaren And Remain With Red Bull – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

  1. What a bunch of indecisive ditherers! Guess nothing is sure until the season actually starts (and I still wouldn’t bet against some more changes after that!)

    As you point out this is very interesting as this was kind of a big deal. Nice topic!

  2. General Marko isn’t above buying what ever he wants. His pockets are deep. He would be a smart man just to pay him to stay and not do nothing. If he takes Red Bull secrets to another team it could do more damage than paying him big $$$ to sweep the floor.
    That’s my take.

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