Force India Reveals First Image Of New VJM07 2014 F1 Car – So Far So Good

From Autosport

Force India has become the first team to reveal its 2014 Formula 1 car by releasing an image of the Mercedes-engined VJM07.

The new car features the low nose mandated by the regulations, as well as the new tailpipe at the rear as part of measures designed to prevent exhaust-blown downforce.

The image does not reveal any dramatic design innovations, but it will not be until the car first appears at next week’s Jerez test that any conclusions can be drawn about its technical merits.

“Almost every single part is a new design, from the front wing right back to the diffuser,” said technical director Andrew Green.

The car features a new colour scheme, with much of the white colouring removed in favour of black.

This modified colour scheme replaces the white, orange and green livery used from 2009-13.

“The VJM07 looks stunning and the new livery reflects the way Sahara Force India is evolving,” said Mallya.

“I’ve always believed our cars have been the most eye-catching, but adding black as a main colour gives us a fierce new look.”

The new livery also incorporates some new sponsors, with telecommunications brand Claro – which previously backed McLaren and Sauber – coming on board thanks toSergio Perez’s arrival at the team.

Mallya believes that this shows the team is growing and that the coming season could be its best in F1.

“It’s been a busy winter for us on the technical and commercial front,” said Mallya.

“When I founded the team my first ambition was to launch the first Indian team on the grid, but the next stage in our evolution is to develop a global brand.

“I think that ambition is reflected in the partners we are working with and our world class driver line-up.

“It certainly feels as though there is the potential for 2014 to be our strongest season yet.”


Sahara Force India was the first F1 team to break cover if only with a side view and from one perspective. Not much can be gleaned form this single photo, and as always the appearance of the teams cars will change quite a bit as the final upgrades and aero packages are decided on prior to the first meeting in Melbourne. However, with a day to study this photo a few points of interest have caught my eye.

First and foremost Force India have decided to change their livery which featured primary white body work with orange and green accents. As one can see except for the nose cone and upright on the rear element, black is the predominate color or non color to be technical about it. I for one think it is stunning. The orange, white and green (India’s flag is made up of these three hues) pop and off the black. The simple and clean placement of the sponsors have a balance feel over the car. This is a very pleasant car to look at. This color scheme should produce some very dynamic photos especially at the night races.

Governed by the new regulations, all the cars will have a new look to the front end and while I was a big fan of the high nose of previous years (Red Bull’s interpretation was just stunning at times), I welcome the return to a down-slopped nose. I am slightly puzzle as to why the air box above the drivers head was carried over due to the fact the new cars are not normally aspirated. I was hoping for a more stream-lined look similar to the turbo cars of the past. Possibly cooling and safety played a part in the retention of this part or the car.

We will have to wait and see what all the new cars look like before any real conclusions can be drawn as to what are the best designs are and how the new regulations were interpreted. I don’t expect too much variation in the overall look from what we can see in Force India effort. As always what will make the difference between the fast cars and the not so fast ones, will be instead the details, the stuff under the body work out of our general view.


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