2014 And Here Is What Is Coming At You

Hello everyone. The news that has dominated (as it should) is the very sad event of Michael Schumacher’s horrible skiing accident and I will continue to post updates as they come. However,  a new year is upon us, testing is in just three weeks (I can hardly wait) and there is plenty of other news that also needs to be gone over with a fine-toothed comb.

I was going to open my 2014 campaign with a “stir the pot” post about Vettel vs. Alonso (back to my old ways LOL). However, in light of everything that has transpired over the holidays concerning Michael, I will put that one on hold if only for a little while, and instead start this year with a post titled, When Irony Is Not Funny, I think you can guess what the subject matter will be. Then in no particular order here is what is on my mind:

Pay Drivers – Enough Already Everyone Pays Something…

The Great Debate Continues Alonso vs. Vettel

The Art Of Speed – Lets Listen To What Adrian Has To Say

PS – 2014 will be a year of change for F1 and also for AmerF1can.com.

I will be changing the look and format of the blog. There will be a more regimented schedule for the posts I put up and the addition of the feature “MyTake” which some of you have already seen. I will be doing an on-going feature about American drivers trying to make it to F1 which may or may not include all young drivers no matter what their origin is and there may be some advertising (yes I have finally given in) on the periphery.

Here is what will not change: having fun and being involved in one of the greatest sports we as humans have ever known. Taking everyone to task. Starting with Ferrari and Alonso. Making sure the smaller issues don’t get passed by or overlooked like “How the hell is di Resta not piloting an F1 car? Tragic.” “How are Red Bull and Adrian Newey going to find a new way to cheat this  year?” Ha ha. Just kidding on that one. Anyway I look forward to this year and lets get started.

-jp- (and if you thought I was funny last year, just you wait)

2 Comments on “2014 And Here Is What Is Coming At You

  1. Let the fun and games begin 🙂
    The changes to your blog sound very worthwhile (and many when you list them all out!)

    Looking forward to more ‘My Take’ having seen your first few it is a fairly original way to present the news and opens it up for discussion nicely.

    Can’t wait for some new Ferrari-Alonso and can Vettel stop winning now and lets someone else have a go posts already!

    • I am really focused on taking then next step. your feedback and critique is welcomed. if your up for it i would like you to let me know what you thinks works and what doesn’t. pull no punches i have think skin. 😉 -jp-

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