Seven Time World Champ Is In The Fight Of His Life After Skiing Accident

Monday the 30th and I am sorry to report Formula One Sports Icon and hero to many people around the world Michael Schumacher, is in critical condition after undergoing an emergency surgery due to a head injury. The details are few. However what I can report is while skiing with his son in the French Alps, Schumacher fell and his head made contact with a rock. It has been reported he was wearing a safety helmet thankfully. Help was quick and after determining the severity of the injury he was air lifted to hospital. His doctor has put him in a artificial coma to stabilize his condition in this crucial period after surgery to reduce the swelling and it would not be understating the situation by saying Schumacher is fighting for his life.

-jp- (Michael mine and everyone’s thoughts are with you and your family)

Full article here:  Schumacher In Coma And Fighting For His Life After Skiing Accident

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