Alonso Was Right To Get Mad Claims Montezemolo – Now You Say So

Quick Note: For all of you thinking I will take the easy way out and post less of my 2500+ word rants and raves and substitute instead this new feature, well don’t worry. There will still be a post or two a week form yours truly about all of the things that get me fired up about F1 Ha ha.  -jp-


Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says Fernando Alonso was “right to get mad” at his team after it failed to match Red Bull this year.

Alonso finished a distant second in the drivers’ championship and tensions between driver and team started to surface midway through the season. Both Alonso and Montezemolo have stressed that the ruction was blown out of proportion by the media, but Montezemolo admitted his driver was within his rights to be upset with Ferrari.

“He is the strongest of all and there are no problems with him,” he said. “He was right to get mad, as we have to give him a competitive car, something we didn’t do in the second half of the season.”

He added: “It’s obvious I’m not happy with the way things went. However, it’s also true that we are the only team in the world for whom it’s seen as a tragedy to come second, which seems something of an exaggeration to me. Clearly, we now need to win and we’ve had enough of finishing second.”

Next year Ferrari will pair Alonso with Kimi Raikkonen in what is likely to be a fast but feisty partnership. Montezemolo believes only Mercedes’ pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg comes close.

“I am pleased I followed [team principal Stefano] Domenicali’s recommendations regarding Kimi: when I met him, I saw he was on great form and extremely motivated and I was pleased to see how warmly he was received both inside and outside the team. I think the pairing we have, along with that at Mercedes, is the strongest in the 2014 championship.”


Come on LDM, first you get mad at your star driver and call him out, quite publicly and then at the end of the year say he [Alonso] was right to be mad?  There is a word for this type of behavior, it’s called passive-aggressive, and does nothing to serve the goal of a championship. If any one should be called out it is you for building a uncompetitive car the last four years and worse for allowing top RedBull personal to be pouched by not just McLaren but also Mercedes.  -jp-

ps in case you missed it the first time around Clash Of The Titans

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