Brawn says Hamilton and Rosberg can win the championship – Really Now

Quick Note: I wanted to post about this when the news broke about Ross Brawn being replaced by Paddy Lowe, However I never got around to it, life is just a little more than me and my keyboard and my silly opinions. Instead it looks like I will be saving this post for sometime in May/June of 2014.     -jp-

 From GrandPrix 247

Departing Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn, working his final week with the Brackley based team, is convinced that in Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg the Silver Arrows have drivers capable of winning the World Champioship.

“Each of them has what it takes to win the World Championship for Mercedes,” Brawn is quoted by German media.

“Nico overcame the challenge of Michael Schumacher, but this was not a great indicator because no one really knew at first what level Michael was during his comeback. But I think Nico’s performances against Lewis have given the people a fresh reference – he had a great year.”

Regarding Hamilton, Brawn said, “Lewis’ performance has been typical for [a] first year with a new team. He had to learn how the processes work, build relationships and we had to know each other. If you spend so long at a team, as he did [with McLaren], then you will develop your own style or get used to certain things. “

Brawn believes that the contest between the two, self proclaimed buddies within the team, will be intriguing, “It’s a great battle, which is good for the team. Now first and foremost it’s up to Mercedes to build its two drivers a strong foundation for 2014. Thereafter they might have something to cheer about.” (Apex)

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Lewis Hamilton and to a lesser degree Nico Rosberg must be asking themselves, “Why me?” Here you have a champion who’s decision to leave one of the greatest F1 organizations was proved the correct one to joint ranks with a team principal who know’s how to win multiple champions only to find out after one season that Multi-Championship team principal is being  replaced by a former McLaren man. The other who just recently inked a multi-year deal, I’m sure based on the face that Ross Brawn was skippering the ship. Is the universe really that cruel?     -jp-

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2 Comments on “Brawn says Hamilton and Rosberg can win the championship – Really Now

  1. No more cruel than having the greatest driver on the grid, jumping to the greatest team and still coming up short. What a difference one Newey can make on a team.

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