Ferrari F138 Most Reliable Car 2013 – You Don’t Say

Quick Note:  Hey everyone I will be trying out a few new things on the site to see I like them and if I want to incorporate them in permanently for next year. This is only a test. My idea is to grab one news item a day, repost it (I will not be changing the copy) and then respond to it under the heading “My Take”   If you feel so compelled, I would be interested to know it you like it or if I should ditch the idea.  -jp-

From Grand Prx 247

The Ferrari F138 was the most reliable car on the 2013 grid, with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa not retiring from a single grand prix because of a technical failure.

That is the finding of Auto Motor und Sport magazine, although it said that the Maranello based team did not do the most laps in 2013, due to three in-race incidents, including Fernando Alonso’s first lap accident in Malaysia.

Actually, Ferrari was the team with only the fifth-best mileage record of 2013, coming in behind McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes and even Williams. Those teams, however, all had multiple technical retirements, as opposed to the ‘faultless’ Ferrari.

Among the least reliable teams on the grid was the otherwise competitive Lotus, with seven incident-related retirements and five technical failures, and ahead only of Caterham and Force India. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN. 

My take

Who cares how reliable the car is if it is not fast enough.    -jp-

4 Comments on “Ferrari F138 Most Reliable Car 2013 – You Don’t Say

  1. Well, at least hopefully, they will have the first part of the equation ready to go in 2014
    ( success is based on 3 parts, 1-reliability. 2-driver. 3-speed.) …oops, forgot they have Alonzo
    so they have two parts or the equation already.
    BTW, I like your idea. you’ll be putting out more informative info.

  2. In order to finish 1st, you first have to finish. (right after you sabotage the Red Bulls) 😛
    I like your idea of a daily post. Look forward to commenting on them too!

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