2013 Over And Out…

This post might be slightly late, but then again I’m not a journalist and therefore not bound by a deadline, one of the luxuries of being a blogger, I suppose. I have had a few weeks to reflect on the season which ended and of course like most of the F1 social media world wanted to add a thought or two (and no, it won’t be about F.A.).

My decision at the beginning of the year to treat blogging a little more seriously and really put some thought into it has forced me to look at F1, its drivers, its teams, the colorful paddock characters, what I would call the magic and also the less savory parts of F1 in a completely different light. In fact I can’t help but think of Pluto’s allegory of the cave. What I thought was the real F1 was instead a pantomime of shadows against a backdrop, giving the illusion of reality. And similar to the prisoner who is unshackled and eventually makes his way out into the light, I have found that my former attitudes towards this great sport that I love have now been replaced with something different. I went from being a pretty straightforward fan, albeit one who is a little too intense at times, to more of an observer, a little less intense and a little more detached.

Now don’t take this the wrong way, F1 still has me vexed at times and completely under its spell all of the time. I am no less passionate, in fact I would say I am even more passionate since I have been hitting the keyboard regularly, but this passion now comes from a different place and is focused on many different aspects of the sport, not just who won and who did not come Sunday. It also drives me absolutely bonkers in all new ways. Like your best friend, or if one has siblings – a brother or a sister – F1 knows how to push my buttons just right, to turn the screws until I can’t take it anymore. F1 on any given day, whether it be race weekend or reading the news cycle in between race weekends, can get on my very last nerve, but I have noticed a definite shift in my attitudes when it comes to F1 in general.

Melborne - The Season started with such promise and it stayed the way right up until it didn't. Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel pulled the proverbial nine-win race streak out of the hat and the season was over.

Melbourne – The Season started with such promise and it stayed the way right up until it didn’t. Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel pulled the proverbial nine-win race streak out of the hat and the season was over.

For example, when I began blogging I was a bit more confrontational for lack of a better word. Just look back at any of my early posts on Hamilton, or Vettel for example. I even called out Autosport for trying to charge me after I exceeded the allowed amount of views. I did not pull any punches on that one, ha-ha. I stand by what I said, but my delivery was all wrong, truth be known. Of course anyone who has read even a few of my posts can’t help but notice I shamelessly go on and on about Alonso, his talent and how no one else is as good an F1 pilot as him, even though he only has two championships. Blah blah blah. (I intend to continue being guilty of this one, another luxury of being a blogger) 😉

I liked all those early posts, they were truthful and raw. They were written right from the epicenter of emotion I was feeling at the time, and I will always seek to tell it like it is, or at least how I think it is. But the 2013 season also made me approach blogging in a different way. My newfound perspective just would not let me blog the way I was accustomed to. Now, without a conscious effort, I automatically look beyond what I feel as a fan for the driver(s) I favor and the team(s) that I like. I guess in this way I am just a bit (and I mean only a bit) closer to what a journalist must feel, and the service they are trying to provide to the F1 community. This season made me ask myself questions I have never really thought to ask about the sport, about the people in the sport, about the people who follow the sport, and finally about myself in the context of the sport.

2013 was a season like many others; there was some great racing, several close battles for pole, quite a bit of drama courtesy of the FIA and Pirelli, and the usual unbelievable stuff no one could make up. Right through to the summer break there was a real back and forth between five of the eleven teams. Red Bull looked good but Lotus and Mercedes were on their gearboxes, Ferrari lost their way and McLaren never found theirs. In regards to the championship fights the season did not quite deliver as it did last year. I am not alone in stating that 2013 started with promise … but then again what season doesn’t start that way? However, a close finish was not in the cards and for a fourth straight year Red Bull, Adrian Newey, Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel and everyone else at the Milton Keyes operation did the best job and claimed the ultimate prize in both the constructor and drivers categories with races to spare. Well done. This you already know.

There is just no way to talk about the 2013 season with out saying something about this guy and this team. There is no way you can't be impressed with what both accomplished the year. Simply astonishing...

There is just no way to talk about the 2013 season without saying something about this guy and this team. There is no way you can’t be impressed with what both accomplished the year. Simply astonishing…

I suppose I could give you a rundown of AmerF1can’s top 10 list of 2013, or highlight what was the good, the bad and the remarkable, but something tells me your list is similar, no use in wasting any copy if we don’t need to. I think that what I really want to say in this season ending post (I can almost hear your sighs of relief) is that for me 2013 was a point of demarcation, a passing over a threshold, a no turning back point. By year’s end the season for me was less about who did what and how many records were equaled or surpassed. It was less about the politics and the drama. This year was about discovering what F1 meant, what it truly meant to me and why I love it and hate it, and love it, then hate it again, and then always love it even more. If there was ever a question within myself about the commitment I have made to this sport prior to 2013, there is absolutely none now. This is what 2013 really meant to me.

And now I’m really interested to hear from you, my fellow loyal F1 fans — what did the 2013 F1 season mean to you? Please answer below!

Happy Holidaze,

-jp- (p.s. you’re not getting off the hook that easily, I have several posts lined up right until the end of the year. LOL…)

3 Comments on “2013 Over And Out…

  1. Nice piece of writing to end the season on. 2013 didn’t teach me much different to what 2012 had, that no matter how varied the season starts, the best pairing will rise to the top. Love him or loathe him that’s Vettel and his Red Bull.

    I’m just hoping for a different lesson next season, would love to see someone else in charge, just for a change!

    For now I am having to get sporty by competing in fantasy football (or soccer in American!), picking teams is hard when you’ve put all your sporting time into Motorsport! I had no idea who was any good anymore!

    How are you keeping occupied ’til the start of the next season?

    • Hey lisa
      i have to honestly say i think next year is going to be a bit of a toss up (at least the first third of the season). that being said the teams in the front will stay in the front. I want a different lesson as well. i think everyone has read the Redbull and Sebastian text book enough already. I follow the NFL quite a bit, but nothing like the rest of my american brethren. basketball is exciting and i watch it as well sometimes, baseball no, hockey nil, soccer not really. so for me i am going to spend the rest of 2013 blogging on the crumbs that news cycle provides me with and in Jan I am going to move my blog to a actual website using a WP templet but not hosted by them. I want to update the site and get it ready for some kind of ad revenue. did i hear a rumor that Lorenzo might move to honda and partner Marquez?

      • Here’s to hoping F1 can throw up some surprises!

        Ironically I cannot actually WATCH any football as it costs a fortune, though I can next year when I begrudgingly hand over my £15 a month to follow MotoGP to BT Sport, as our broadcaster has changed after years of being able to watch for free on the BBC! Boo!

        The best thing about fantasy football is beating the boys at their own game, I can pick teams and goalscorers well. Plus it makes football more interesting if your team is losing!

        I used to know quite a bit about NHL from playing the Playstation games, but am a bit clueless about who is any good now.

        There is no way I am even gonna try to keep up with our ‘other’ national game; cricket; England are being made to look silly by the Australians!

        The plans for your blog sound interesting, it’s something that I am considering too as I have picked up readers, but want to have a bigger presence on social media first.

        As for Lorenzo, he’s been fairly annoyed with Yamaha for the bike he gets for a long while, he, in my opinion, makes it look better than it is. Logically, if he has enough belief in his own talent and that the bike really is the deciding factor, then a move to the widely regarded ‘best bike’ could certainly be on the cards if Yamaha don’t deliver,

        Would be interesting for the championship!

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