Don’t Worry It Is Coming….

I know what you are all thinking. How the hell has JP not put anything up yet? To be perfectly honest I have not watched the race yet, although I feel fairly confident who finished on the top step. Or at the very least who claimed his fourth driver’s title. If by chance I happen to be incorrect, well it would be one of the few times I welcome being in the wrong.

I have to say it was quite a challenge to avoid just about every device today and stay away from anything that might have spoiled the race, but as I write these words the days black-out was successful.

Tomorrow is Monday and I have the day off from everything, the J-O-B, the wife, the kids, any and all obligations. Tomorrow it will be just me, the race, Sebastian, and my keyboard. I have something special planned for this post. Think a combo of high accolades and my usual sock-it-to-you (that is a Laugh In term for all you that are interested) irreverence.

Stand by…

-jp- (and oh this will be a fun one)  😉

3 Comments on “Don’t Worry It Is Coming….

  1. That’s quite a setup you have there. Three monitors, a tablet and a phone? What kind of PC system are you using? And what kind of keyboard is that?

    • hey Steve

      I am running just an IMac. the two extra monitors are dells (very happy with the quality). running one of the monitors off a fire wire from the mac and the other on is via a USB port from the mac with a adapter and a driver. the set up is great. i can have the live feed of practice on one, usually my right screen. I have Tweetdeck open on the center screen so i can follow the F1 community teams, fans, reporters etc. the right monitor is usually for FOM’s live timing I can see purple and green before anyone can report it. and the iPad i use to follow Autosports or ESPN’s live coverage of the practice as well. all at the same time. makes for quite the experience i have to say.

      ps the phone just live there to get charged. LOL…

  2. I actually saw this one after the 5am MotoGP so will be interested to hear your thoughts! (OK i say watched, I had been up since 2am with a confusing clock change thrown in for good measure, so it’s a little vague!).

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