Monday and Here Is What is Coming At You

Hello Hello Hello….

The Japanese GP is in the books, Vettel won (what a shocker) although it was not that straight forward, Grosjean drove a great race to beat his teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa got to rebel a little… It’s monday and there is plenty to blog about and of course I will be working on at least two maybe three posts for your entertainment. Lol..

Here is what is on the docket:

*Red Bull changed Webber’s strategy. Was this because Grosjean got in front of Webber at the start, or is it the same old “We only like it when Vettel wins” story at Red Bull?

*Vettel is oh so very close to 4th championship (although I might wait on this one until it actually happens with a 5th place or better irrespective of where Fernando Alonso finishes in India – not including a DNF).

*The way I read it Massa did not follow team orders this time. Well what did Ferrari expect anyway? Alonso does not seem to concerned by it, maybe we should not be either. The championship was lost many races ago.

*Lastly I will be completing the final part of my F1 and America which will feature a real surprise for all of you readers and my followers.

Ok now time to get to work.   🙂

-jp- (and what on earth am I going to do come the middle of Nov, does anyone care about Cactus and Succulents?)

5 Comments on “Monday and Here Is What is Coming At You

  1. Nice thoughts on the race, It was so close to it not being another Vettel win that it was quite an interesting race, until Vettel hit first :). Glad I’m not Webber, driving for Red Bull seems hard on the soul.

    Yahoo news called it an ‘exciting pit strategy’ which sounds like an oxymoron to me, ‘exciting’ and ‘pit strategy’ go about as well together as ‘exhilarating’ and ‘behind the safety car’!

    Feel free to rant all you want about succulents and cacti in the off season, mine are having trouble with a current cold snap in London!! 😉

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