A Fast Post, Just Like Hamilton’s Practice Session

I normally never post in this fashion, so when I say this will be short and sweet I really mean it, not my usual 2,000 word post, which by the way I really appreciate you all taking the time to read week in and week out.

I just wanted to point out how impressive Mercedes AMG and Lewis Hamilton are being so far this weekend. In light of the disappointing results in the last few races it would not be too surprising if they gave up the fight.

It’s possible that Merc did give up the fight and what we saw in both practice one and two is just Hamilton’s ability (like Alonso) to wring every last tenth of a second out of the car’s performance. If not however, and Merc are still developing their car, kudos to them.

I think all us are now quite aware of how the Driver’s Championship will play out. So at the very least, if qualifying and the races can remain exciting then all the better for me, for you, for everyone (even for the Red Bull and Vettel fans) and especially for F1 in general.

If all goes to plan in FP3, then I am fully expecting Hamilton and Vettel to have a great battle in Q3. Let’s hope so and with rain predicted on Sunday maybe some of the “also rans” like my guy in the slow red car will have a chance.  😉

-jp- (and tell me again how many times has Vettel won here? Rats…)

2 Comments on “A Fast Post, Just Like Hamilton’s Practice Session

  1. After watching qualifying a great battle it was not! Vettel set the pole time early on and instead of showing their hand for the race he backed off half way through the last lap knowing he had it in the bag. Oh what a feeling it must be knowing that you are so fast that you don’t even have to finish qualifying and still be on the pole…..BORING! With Ferrari fastest in the trap it will be interesting to see if they can make up ground on the cars ahead of them in the race. The tough part for them will be staying with them through the twisties so that they can pass on the straights. Red Bull almost blew it last race with their legal version of traction control, now lets see if they back off this weekend to avoid too many stewards snooping around their car?(or will they just add insult to the field by blowing them away again?)

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