Mistake After Mistake After Mistake, Oh Ferrari When Will You Get It Right?

Hello everyone I’m back. I wish this post was being written not under duress, but the joy of a brilliant qualifying session seeing Ferrari and Fernando on the second row in P2. Sadly that is not the case. This will be less a post but more of a rant. This is the luxury I have as a blogger and not a journalist. This post won’t even undergo the several re-reads and the usual proof by my editor, I’m just going to lay it on you…

Ferrari WTF was that…Earlier today in FP3  you and Alonso looked very very strong with everything going according to plan. Maybe pole was not on the cards, but with only .283 seconds separating your car and the car of Sebastian Vettel it was looking pretty darn good. I therefore cannot express enough my disappointment and frustration, anger if I am to be honest at the disaster that occurred in Q3.

How do you explain such a cock-up at the most important Grand Prix of the year for the very heart and soul that is Ferrari? Why is it always something that goes awry (last year a silly sway bar broke in Q3, at Maylasia earlier this year you didn’t call Alonso in to change a front wing, in Bahrain you allowed him to use the broken DRS wing a second time and forced an extra pitstop). There have been just too many mistakes over the last four years and in Formula 1 there is no room for errors and definitely no room for excuses. You should have two WDC’s already… Did I mention two?

How did a brilliant Q2 which was the dress rehearsal for the one that counts – Q3, get away from you as badly?  And to add insult to injury not only is Massa in the wrong position, but you let a Sauber out-qualify both Ferrari’s as well? Unbelievable…

As usual I expect Alonso to claw his way up the order and finish on the podium for second (again) but this could have been a race that on the start  Alonso beats Vettel to the first turn and keeps him at bay and wins this race. Instead Vettel will do a Vettel and build a manageable gap in the first eight or ten laps and never really be bothered, and pull away yet another seven points. That is the championship right there it would seem to me.e

Lastly, I am not a fan of drivers that are critical of their team in public (that is private and should stay that way) it does not matter if you’r a Vettel, a Hamilton, or an Alonso (the exception is Mark Webber and his “Not bad for a number two quip,” for he is always given the short end of the stick over at Red Bull), because I believe that no driver is above a team. But in this case, in the case of such a horrible plunder, I can forgive Alonso for his outbursts. He just wants to win and beating Vettel and Red Bull is hard enough without the piled on mistakes that all but make it impossible given the car at Alonso’s disposal.

Ok, now that that is done, I can go back to being just disappointed. Here is your starting grid for the Grand Prix of Italia at Monza.

-jp- (congratulations to Red Bull on their 50th pole – %^%$#@!)


Driver Teams Time
1 S Vettel (GER) Red Bull 1’23.755
2 M Webber (AUS) Red Bull 1’23.968
3 N Hülkenberg (GER) Sauber 1’24.065
4 F Massa (BRA) Ferrari 1’24.132
5 F Alonso (ESP) Ferrari 1’24.142
6 N Rosberg (GER) Mercedes 1’24.192
7 D Ricciardo (AUS) Toro Rosso 1’24.209
8 S Perez (MEX) McLaren 1’24.502
9 J Button (GBR) McLaren 1’24.515
10 JE Vergne (FRA) Toro Rosso 1’28.050
11 KM Räikkönen (FIN) Lotus 1’24.610
12 LC Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes 1’24.803
13 R Grosjean (FRA) Lotus 1’24.848
14 A Sutil (GER) Force India 1’24.932
15 P Maldonado (VEN) Williams 1’25.011
16 P di Resta (GBR) Force India 1’25.077
17 E Gutiérrez (MEX) Sauber 1’25.226
18 V Bottas (FIN) Williams 1’25.291
19 G van der Garde (NED) Caterham 1’26.406
20 C Pic (FRA) Caterham 1’26.563
21 J Bianchi (FRA) Marussia 1’27.085
22 M Chilton (GBR) Marussia 1’27.480

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