Now That Is What I Call A Qualifying Session…

Normally I never post in this manner, but that qualifying session, only the second of the season was so exciting, that I had to put my hands on the key board. Here are the results, and let me be the first to admit I was on the edge of my seat. At one point it looked like Sebastian Vettel was doomed (he is a 3-time drivers champion, did I really think that, no but that’s the way it looked for a little while).  Lewis Hamilton was about to turn the F1 world upside down -again- with pole (he had it provisionally after the first set of inters in Q3) and then we have a resurgent Felipe Massa , for the 4th time in a row he has out qualified one Fernando Alonso to start on the front row which has not happened since sometime in 2010…

Here is the starting order for Sunday’s race








1 Vettel Red Bull 1’49.674
2 Massa Ferrari 1’50.587
3 Alonso Ferrari 1’50.727
4 Hamilton Mercedes 1’51.699
5 Webber Red Bull 1’52.244
6 Rosberg Mercedes 1’52.519
7 Räikkönen Lotus 1’52.970
8 Button McLaren 1’53.175
9 Sutil Force India 1’53.439
10 Perez McLaren 1’54.136
11 Grosjean Lotus 1’37.636
12 Hülkenberg Sauber 1’38.125
13 Ricciardo Toro Rosso 1’38.822
14 Gutiérrez Sauber 1’39.221
15 di Resta Force India 1’44.509
16 Maldonado Williams
17 Vergne Toro Rosso 1’38.157
18 Bottas Williams 1’38.207
19 Bianchi Marussia 1’38.434
20 Pic Caterham 1’39.314
21 Chilton Marussia 1’39.672
22 van der Garde Caterham 1’39.932

What is the most exciting for me (and every other Ferrari, Fernando, and Felipe fan is that the car (the 138) looks genuinely fast. Take into account it’s race pace and Ferrari and Alonso and now it looks like Felipe as well are moving in the right direction. The race will be long and I have heard some talk about 4 stops. Notice Kimi Raikonen is starting 7th, was that not his starting position in Australia as well, hmm….

-jp- (and I can barely wait ’til Sunday)

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