13 Mar – “Grit our teeth for now?” WTF?

Well it has been quite some time since my last check in and I was hoping for something very different from one of the most celebrated, the most celebrated racing organizations in the history of Formula One.

“Grit our teeth for now” is not exactly the sentence I wanted to hear from what I consider the most talented driver on the grid. You might just as well say, “Hey JP, by the way we spent all winter changing our design philosophy and redesigning our car to create a winner right from the start, but instead decided that what we really wanted was to torture you, and all our fans into a possible hari-kari.” This surely is what I and most people that are fans of the guy with the big eyebrows are going to want to do at the end of the race on Sunday if Ferrari are stuck in the middle of the order as some are predicting.

I just can’t believe that for the third year in a row since Fernando has joined the team, and five in total since Kimi won the championship, Ferrari has not produced anything in the form of a competitive car. It really is staring to get boring, and I mean that in the most literal way. If this season ends up again as a Red Bull cheeseburger with some McLaren fries on the side (that’s an American thing for all you Europeans) yours truly is going to be a very cranky blogger. I might even have to find some more important aspects of Formula One to blog about like strategy, or tire wear, the aero development in the rear of the car, or the team politics, and how much fun is that really?

What I am really hoping for, what I really want from this new Formula One season that is about to go racing down under in Albert Park this weekend, is to watch some close qualifying (please, if there is a God or some other omnipotent being in the carbon fiber, rubber composites, oil and pistons Universe, let anybody but Vettel be on pole for Sunday), some great wheel to wheel racing (can’t really remember when that happened), maybe a couple of whip outs, some coming together with a teammate or another team’s mate (well at least both of those happened last year) and then in the end for Fernando to come across the finish line first–20 times in a row bitchess! Ha ha ha! Here’s hoping. Get it together Ferrari!

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