04 Jul — Testing, Check, One, Two, Three …

It really was never a question of “if” only a question of “when.”  I am referring of course to this blog, or rather the starting of this blog.  So before i actually begin sounding off on F1 and opening myself up to countless people taking me to task I want to make of couple of points.

One. If you are looking for 100% accuracy in all things that concern F1, this probably is not the site for you.  What do I mean by this? My goal is to offer an opinion from an impassioned (American) fan, that being me, and my opinion only.  For everything else there is Autosport, James Allen, and Joe Saward, all of which will be linked to from here.

Two. Since i am not a seasoned and professional reporter, i am going to be 100-200% biased as to my feelings and point of view. Translation: “It’s my site, I get to talk about what and who I want. If you don’t like it, tuff doo doo.”

Third. I don’t want to put too fine a point on it, but I am a Fernando Alonso fan, I live in a pro-Alonso house-hold and I will be naming my first son Alonso.  (Just kidding on that one, maybe the next boy cat will be Alonso -sorry Fernando.)

FInally, although I like other drivers and teams, there are definitely some I don’t like, and I will comment freely in regards to this. Are we clear? So now that we have established what the goal is here, let’s, (as the Brits say) “GET ON WITH IT.”

2 Comments on “04 Jul — Testing, Check, One, Two, Three …

  1. Lets get on with it indeed.
    I see excitment coming up, congrats…
    nice job JP and Trish.

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